Creating Your Own GPS System For Finding The Right Relationship

So who exactly do you want in your life as your life partner? Do you want someone who sends shivers down your spine when you catch their eye? Do you want someone who has similar interests that you can share together? Do you want someone who loves to travel and explore the world and has a natural lust for life and the wonders in it?

Whatever you want for a lift partner, you need to work out exactly what those characteristics are. Just like you cannot hit a target you cannot see. The same goes for finding the person you want in your life. If you don’t know what you are looking for, it’s gonna be a mighty difficult thing to get.

So in order to find the “perfect” person for you, you need to sit down, with a pen and paper and go through a brainstorming session where you write down everything you are looking for in someone. This is an exercise that was taught in the Girlfriend Activation System and it has been a life changing exercise that is for sure.

Now this process may take an hour, many hours, days, or even weeks. It really depends on you. But however long it takes, don’t rush the experience because this is something that could potentially change your life forever and have a huge impact on your future. So don’t take this process lightly at all!

And don’t try to filter what you are writing. Let it flow. Whatever comes into your mind. Just write everything down. Don’t stop and don’t hesitate.

Then once you have completed the list. Go through it and circle the most important qualities. Pick ten and then rank them from most important to the least important. Then add these top ten qualities to another piece of paper or add them to your phone (notes is great for iDevices).

Then what you are to do is look at this list everyday. And imagine the qualities of the person if they were to have these and notice how that feels within you. At first, do this one quality at a time. Then you can practice combining and mixing qualities and imagining the person who would have this mixture. Then finally combine them all and do the same thing.

The more you get use to the qualities you are looking for in someone else and how these qualities make you feel, the more you will become aware of who has these qualities and who doesn’t. This will help guide you towards the right person.



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